Cute Amateur GF Nancy

Sweet face on this Asian amateur

  • Name: Nancy
  • Location: Philippines
  • Age: 22

I had amazing sex with this sweet faced amateur Asian, you can find a link for her entire gallery below

Amateur Asian Wants to Suck Cock

She really wants to suck it

  • Name: Fon
  • Location: Thailand
  • Age: 24

Fon is a sexy amateur Asian LBFM that loves to have a cock in her mouth.  I found her working as a waitress in a restaurant nearby where I live.  She knew who I was because we have done a few shoots with two or three of the waitresses there.  She kept on smiling and giggling when ever I looked over and I knew something was up.  As I was leaving she came running over with Nit, one of the other ladies we’ve shot there before.  And yep, sure enough, she wants to work and do a shoot, yea!!  I have no problems with it cause I thought she was cute as hell.  She came over the next day all dressed up looking cute and shit.  The fist thing she did was give the international sign for blowjob, unzipped and she blew me for over an hour, after that I stood her up, turned her over and quickly (she had been blowing me for an hour) dumped a load in her.  And that was all before the shoot even started, I love my job ;)

I’ll drop a link to her gallery on the gallery page so check it out.